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Peter Raynor Born 1992 Blackburn, UK. Foundation Blackburn College Camberwell (BA Painting). - 2013 Exhibitions 2013 Candid Arts trust, Group show, London 2013 Art Ketchum Solo show, Shoreditch 2013 WIP Art group show 2013 Hans Brinker prize, Amsterdam 2012 Shoreditch town hall, London 2012 The Flying Dutchman, London 2010 Group show, Blackburn My work consists of the process between abstraction and representation in paint. By taking an image and seeing how far I can represent sections contrasting with abstracting others. The process of using the paint is the most important concept for me. From the use of thick textured paint to thin transparent glazes, to then drawing into the canvas with sharp implements. I constantly rework into the canvas, creating layers to show a history and a process of how these paintings were made. My latest paintings have been inspired by the techniques of the old masters, particular Rembrandt. The use of glazing and scumbling repeatedly until the desired effect. But using these methods in a more abstract way. I try to peruse new ways and techniques to manipulate the paint. There is so much possibility with oil paint that I want each painting to posses something different. I get my subject matter from various sources; newspaper clippings, scenes from films and photographs I have taken. The images I choose have an on going theme of architecture, colour and composition. Painting for me is filled with conscious and unconscious decisions, in the beginning of a painting I have ideas or approaches I want to conceive but through the actual journey of painting it becomes lost. Chance, luck and commitment all play a part in my work. artist

Peter Raynor

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Born 1992 Blackburn, UK. Foundation Blackburn College Camberwell (BA Painting). - 2013 Exhibitions more...

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