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Moreli Born in Bucharest, Romania. My artist‘s name is Moreli. I dedicated my life to art 10 years ago . I don’t hove a scholarship but i take it like a gift that has been given to me by God. I continued to paint every day, year after year, without getting a degree in art yet. During this time, my interest in arts and humanities got bigger and bigger. I met other artists, people that were studying or got already an academic degree in art. I’ve been very fortunate to spend a long period of time with them, learning from them and sharing ideas to each other regarding the technique and style of painting. Being surrounded by such amazing people, it helped me to expand my horizons and define my own style. I am that kind of person that learns fast and is always open when it comes about new things. I’m totally in love with our beautiful planet and I’m sure that my inspiration will continue to flow until I no longer breathe. My paintings are my children - they represent a part of me. In every painting done by me, you will always find a piece of my soul. My paintings are my pride. They represent me better than words. In fact, that’s the main point of making art: you bring people’s feelings to the surface through your paintings. Joy, happiness, sadness, melancholy… these are the feelings that define us as human beings. To paint landscapes, animals, birds, people, is an attempt to remind everyone about our beautiful planet and also to bring tribute to the lovely nature we are living in. It’s all about that deep feeling and emotion I would like to see in people whenever they see my work. Their smiles and joy represent everything to me. My style a variety of realistic to abstract paintings , using the brush the knife and sometimes my fingers.. I prefer painting in oil for the simple fact that it gives you enough time to play in the color mix... With oil is easy, you can always add elements or make changes on the painting even after a week. These are things I have discovered by experimenting over the years. I believe we are here to leave our mark to this world. Our mission is to give the best we have and change the world though talent, art, and love. If you want to get to know me, check out my work. I think my work is my best description. artist


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Born in Bucharest, Romania. My artist‘s name is Moreli. I dedicated my life to art 10 years ago . more...

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