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Seller and Artist

How do I list my artwork on Framd?

To List your artwork on Framd, please follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up via the website or the app
  • Follow the sign-up instructions and then select the camera icon to upload your work

What can I do to increase my chances of making a sale on Framd?

To get the most out of Framd please follow these simple steps:

  • Keywords & Tags: Your customers search by keywords, so when you upload your work, please make sure you describe it correctly. For example, include the subject matter and anything else you think someone might search for when looking for something you have created. Tags are also a growing part of how people search on Framd so by tagging your work via the tag function will put you ahead of the pack
  • Location: Although you can select a country as your location, we advise not to do this as this will exclude you from the "find art near me" functionality. We recommend using your nearest city, town or village as your location. However, we would advise you not to use your exact personal address
  • Picture Quality: Clearly, you want to give the best impression of your art possible if you have any issues with the picture quality please get in touch with us at
  • Your statistics: Within your profile (in the app) you will see a statistics icon, this is where you will find how many people have liked your work and what your like to view ratio is. This should be used as a guide for you. A good like to view ratio is over 15%. However, this doesn't mean a low like to view ratio means you won't sell. Art is extremely personal, and we've never had a single upload that is liked by everyone. That's life so don't be frightened of being different
  • Pricing: This is highly subjective, what we advise is start the price at a place you think is fair, if you haven't sold it after a month or so try lowing the price a bit, but please don't feel forced into doing this
  • Website: If you have your own website, it helps to link your Framd URL to your website

How does the sales process work on Framd?

Framd is, importantly, a platform to help you advertise your work. So we as a company do not (currently) fulfil any deliveries or transactions of your original work. It is up to you and the buyer to come to an agreement surrounding delivery and how best the transaction should be completed.

However, that said this is our advice when selling on Framd:

Step 1: Your Listing
  • Make sure you make clear if you are selling the original or a signed/numbered print
  • It is helpful to say in the listing that your price includes or does not include postage
  • To save unnecessary back and forth between you and a potential buyer try and make the description of the artwork as complete as possible
Step 2: Making Contact
  • Your customers can contact you via two different routes. Via the in-app chat function, for this the buyer needs to have also downloaded the app, if this happens you should receive a notification directly to your phone
  • If the buyer contacts you via the website, then you will receive an email with the potential buyers' email address and message which you can then reply to. But don't worry, we don't share your information with them until you respond to them
  • If you receive any messages you think are inappropriate in any way, please email us at,and we will investigate this for you
Step 3: Payment & Delivery
  • For online transactions we strongly advise PayPal as this is designed specifically with this sort of transaction in mind, we find the DPD deals with art in a respectful manner and offers decent tracking capabilities (you do need a printer though!), the second option is taking it to your post office. The chronology of events is usually: 1. Ask for the PayPal payment to be sent 2. You then send the parcel. If the buyer complains about this, please point them in the direction of the PayPal buyer protection website, which explains that if they don't receive the parcel, they can get their money back see this link HERE
  • Framd has a strong sense of community, and you might find that the buyer lives pretty close to you. So in this case where cash or cheque might be more appropriate then this is fine, we would, however, recommend that you meet the buyer in a busy place and only give them the information they need to complete the transaction, and we'd recommend planning the logistics via the Framd in-app chat function. If you do go down this route, please let us know if anything doesn't feel right about it.
Step 4: Mark The Item As Sold
  • When you have made a sale on Framd please delete the post, by going to your profile page, tapping on the item which will open the details page, then please scroll to the bottom of the page and tap delete, this will then ask why you are deleting the item, please select "Sold it"
  • We do not enforce this action, but it does help us to understand what is selling. It also prevents new buyers from being disappointed!

What can I sell on Framd?

We are a platform for art, so if you think what you are uploading is art, then so do we. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos, all are fine by us however we like some purpose, so we prefer to advertise things that are generally for sale. So please no selfies, pictures of your food, your latest workout etc. If you want to post this stuff, Instagram would be better for that!

Do I have to be the artist to sell on Framd?

No you don’t have to be the artist to sell on Framd, however it is essential that you select the “I am not the artist” box on upload, if you don’t do this you could be infringing their copyright and therefore could be taken to court by the owner of the copyright.


Framd should be seen as a footfall driver to your artwork if you choose the self promote option; for example, you should expect less traffic to your artwork than if you are a subscriber. The four points below explain where your art will appear depending on what option you decide to upload with

Your profile page

Your artwork will appear on your profile page, you can share this link freely.
Available for: Self promote, Pay as you go & Framd Boost

Organic search

Your art will appear after a keyword search but will be listed after all advertised artwork that also appears for the keyword submitted
Available for: Self promote, Pay as you go & Framd Boost

Advertised across the platform

Your art will be advertised across the Framd platform and will receive an unlimited amount of traffic
Available for: Pay as you go & Framd Boost

Priority placement

Your art will appear in places where you will get more traffic, this will be constantly evolving to ensure you remain ahead of the game
Available for: Framd Boost only

How to upload images that can be sold as prints

Please see the print section for this HERE

Promotional Reach

Promotional reach is simply the number of people that are driven to your artwork & profile using Framd's promotional tools.

To get promotional views you have three choices:

Share Your Referral Link To Earn Views

Every time you share your link you will earn promotional views that you can add to your artwork, sharing is a bit like super charging your reach

Buy Extra Promoted Views

If you want to get seen by more people you can buy promotional views on a Pay-As-You-go basis with no strings attached

Boost Membership

Boost members receive a monthly quota of 1,500 views (over the course of a year this is 18,000 views!) All for £34.99 (With upfront yearly payment) . This is by far and a way the most efficient way to increase your reach

The most difficult thing when selling your art, is getting new customers on an ongoing basis. With Framd's promotional reach tools you have 100% control of how many people see your artwork. If you have any questions about reach please contact us at and we'll be delighted to answer any questions you may have.


How to buy on Framd?

To buy on Framd is super simple you literally either signup and then send the artist a secure in app anonymous message. Or if you don’t want to sign up you simply fill in a form which we will pass on to the artist, you have to add your email address to this so the artist can get back to you directly.

Can I ask artists to do a commission for me?

Yes absolutely – literally send the artist of your choice a message with your specifications and they will get back to you with details etc.

How should I pay for the originals on Framd?

Currently we only provide direct payments for prints bought on Framd, for originals it’s up to you and the seller to arrange payment. We suggest PayPal as this gives great payment protection however if you live near to the seller cash, cheques etc are all fine or a bank transfer. Framd will soon be offering a payment solution via our platform so watch this space.

The artist is not getting back to me

If this happens please let us know at and we’ll sort this out for you.

There is a problem with the picture I ordered

Legally we are not responsible for this however it is essential that if this happens you let us know via and we will sort this out for you on a case by case basis.


How to add your payment details?

Every time someone buys one of your prints we send you your spoils! To do this quickly and securely we need you to add your bank details.

To do this please follow these instructions

  • Step 1. Log in at the desktop
  • Step 2. Select the Cog Icon from the side menu
  • Step 3. Select "Payment Details". Then fill out the form & click "Register Your Account"

How to set up prints?

Adding prints to Framd is easy.

Firstly go to the home page and then Log in. After this, the page should open on your dashboard home page, from there please follow the steps illustrated below.

  • Step 1. Log in at the desktop
  • Step 2. Select the image you would like to add a print to and click "Edit"
  • Step 3. Select "Print Options"
  • Step 4. Then add your prints!

Please note, If you haven't set up your payment details you may be asked to do this first, so we can pay you. To do that please follow this LINK.

A guide to how to make sure your images are good quality?

We currently have 4 sizes available to be printed.
  • 4464px by 5882px this is required for our 63cm by 83cm framed prints
  • 3766px by 3766px this is required for our 53cm by 53cm framed prints
  • 2392px by 3189px this is required for our 33cm by 43cm framed prints
  • 2392px by 2392px this is required for our 33cm by 33cm framed prints

Printing used to be something that needed a lot of equipment for. You needed a hi resolution DSLR or even a massive scanner.

However, times have changed because both camera technology has got better and because printing software is now excellent.

This means that you can genuinely upload an image for even our larger 63cm by 83cm framed prints via a newish smartphone.

What is most important though to us is that you make sure the dimensions you are printing are correct. So we require that you upload an image that is exactly the size and shape that we suggest.

Print help for buyers

If you have any issues with buying a print from us please email us at and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP.

Example of how customers will see your prints

To see an example of how your customers will see your Framd prints please follow this link:

Android / iPhone App

What do I do if something is not working on the app?

If the app is not working please let us know and we’ll be able to fix it for you. You can reach us at