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Artist Feature

By Framd | 26 June 2019

When art says: ‘It’s time for a commercial break’

Having originally followed his dreams in the business of creative advertising, Simon West, from Norfolk, first qualified with a graphic design degree from Norwich University of the Arts, before receiving several commercial and art industry accolades. Now developing his own personal range of artworks, he gives us a glimpse into the ruminations behind his intriguing and meticulous art work.


Simon West's Ingenious Blueprint

One of Simon West's Ingenious Blueprints
What is your creative background?

I worked in advertising as a conceptual thinker. In other words, coming up with ideas for campaigns. It was a way to earn a living from creating but of course there are limitations on how creative you can be. I definitely like the creative freedom I have now that I am back to working on my own.


How long have you been an artist?

I guess it was when I felt I’d found my own style and way of working when I finished my degree in 2000. I was really lucky to have been taught by a very talented tutor, who gave me the belief and freedom to find my creative way!


What kind of genre is your work?

The idea, or concept is most important to me, as opposed to ‘genre’. You can maybe see the advertising influence… so, I guess ‘graphic art’ would cover it. I think it’s all about a way to get across what’s in my mind in (hopefully) the most interesting and engaging way, whatever the medium. You can also see symbols of self-deprecation and humour depicted too.  


What do you love about being an artist?

That moment when you see what you have produced has been truly appreciated by someone. Seeing someone smile or laugh or be intrigued means a great deal.

The Cat By Simon West
Cat by Simon West
The Cloud By Simon West
The Cloud By Simon West


Why do you paint?

Because I have lots of things I want to say, and this is the best way I can get that across.


When do you paint?

I try to paint every day. Without it I tend to feel directionless. I start sketching out thoughts and ideas and hope something catches my eye which I can then translate into a drawing or painting... and then I screw that up and start again until I’m happy!


Where do you paint? In a studio/outdoors?

I work from home, thankfully we have good light with large windows looking onto the garden!


What gets you through when you’re struggling?

Definitely the strength and sense of my partner. She’s the grounding I need when I’m lost and struggling with an artistic problem.


Do you have any tips for other artists?

Don't rely on others to give you confidence because no matter how good their intentions, they may let you down. Believe in yourself and who you are. There’s a reason why you do this, you have something interesting to say or give!


What’s your favourite piece of work from your own collection and why?

I think it has to be the blueprints I started creating for my degree show, which have been a focus ever since. They were based on imagined machines that I would create, annotate and write a narrative for. These were accompanied by objects I made, which also had imagined narratives. Combined, these pieces made a museum that I called ‘The Penultimate Supper’. (All the objects were displayed on a long white table in front of all the blueprints.) It was basically an excuse to lose myself in my own imagination!


How do you price your art work?

I base it on the time spent coming up with the idea, and how long it takes to realise that idea. It’s so important to be realistic when pricing.


What do you think of Framd and its concept?

I really like how immediate it is and how easy it is to get your work out there. It's really good to come across a platform (I found Framd through a search engine) that seems to have originated from an awareness of how difficult selling your own art can be. It enables you to get to show more work without the worry of steep commission fees.


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Bottle Nosed Dolph Lundgren By Simon West
Blueprints by Simon West



Penny Whistle By Simon West

Penny Whistle (Approx value £1.20)


Cheese Melt Synthesis By Simon West
Blueprints 2 of 2 By Simon West



Grasses By Simon West






Blueprints By Simon West
Blueprints by Simon West



Simon West at Work

Simon West the Artist


Blueprints By Simon West
Blueprints By Simon West




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