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Artist Feature

By Framd | 04 June 2019

Valerie, in her head she paints a picture

Valerie Beales is an artist from Kent. She loves infusing an element of mystery in her paintings, visualises new pieces by drawing on natural elements around her and has a penchant for working with sawdust, sand and metallic paints.


Painting by Valerie Beales

Painting by Valerie Beales
How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I wouldn’t really say I belong to any particular genre. I use acrylics and some oils in my work and I’ll often incorporate organic materials like sawdust, sand, fabrics, paper and metallic paints, to give my paintings texture and depth. My painting, Bojangle is a good example of this.


How often do you paint?

I paint most days.


Where do you paint?

At my home, usually at the kitchen table! I like to be in the hub of things, not cut off, plus I’m near the kettle!  


Have you always loved art?

I’ve always been interested in art and doing something artistic. I studied a Diploma in Art at Medway College in Rochester when I was younger, before going into exhibition design and displays. After raising my four children it was great to be able to return to my love of art.

Art work by Valerie Beales
Art work by Valerie Beales


What inspires you to paint?

I get my inspirations from everything around me. Light, colour, reflection, shadows, clouds – I was always told I had my head in the clouds, so it makes sense! Seascapes are one of my main inspirations, l live just 15 minutes from the sea and I often go to Cornwall, sometimes I will use photos to paint from, I don’t copy the exact image, but I will use features within it in my paintings.


Has your style changed while you have been an artist?

I experienced breast cancer 10 years ago and everything changed in terms of my style. I went from more delicate themes in my paintings to darker forms, but ultimately, my illness was one of the things that pushed me into starting painting all over again and my style is much lighter now.


What do you do if you are struggling with a piece of work?

If I am struggling with something, I will place my work on the wall and keep it there for a few weeks, this usually helps me realise what it is I want to change. My husband, Keith, is also really good at constructive feedback and he helps me look at things differently.


What is your favourite art tool?

My hands! My hands are my paint brushes and I use them most of the time for my paintings. I enjoy the unique effect they create, as well as the sensation of using them to paint.


Do you have a favourite artist?

I love Turner’s paintings. Some people who have bought my art say they can see his style reflected in my paintings.


Do you have any advice or tips for other artists?

My advice is to just do it! Don’t think too deeply about creating the perfect piece of art. I always encourage my granddaughter to simply enjoy the ‘play’ element of painting.


Do you have a favourite art work from your own collection?

I don’t really have a favourite piece of work – my favourites always seem to change! I suppose my favourite aspect of many of my paintings is those that stir up an element of surprise. I like it when one of my paintings has a bit of mystery or indistinctness about it, when it makes the viewer question what they have seen.


How do you sell your art work?

In the past, most of my work has been sold through interior designers, and galleries but I have been put off by the seriously high commission many charge. I also get commissioned regularly from individuals.


How long have you been a member of Framd?

Just a few months


Have you sold any work on Framd?

Yes, I have sold to buyers from Italy, Romania and the US.


How usable have you found the platform?

As a self-confessed technophobe I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the ease at which I can upload my paintings to Framd so that’s a great bonus for me!

Valerie Beales the Kent Based Artist
Valerie Beales The Kent Based artist




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