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Artist Feature

By Framd | 29 April 2019

She Paints Seascapes and a Lot More

Jan Lott is an oil painter from Billericay in Essex. She especially loves landscape scenery, mountain vistas and takes her cues from inimitable oil painter and TV host, Bob Ross. Jan talks to us about her unique style, her own ‘joy of painting’ and why she loves her garden shed.


Jan's Shed

Jan's Shed
How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I would say I am a ‘hobbyist’, really. I work in an office part-time and I also teach art. I did do A Level Art at school but having had a 23-year break where I looked after my children and worked, I’ve only just returned to it.


What kind of painting do you do?

My paintings are all based on nature, whether it’s seascapes in Cornwall, mountains around Lake Tahoe in California or tree stumps in Norsey Woods near where I live, I get inspiration from nature in almost every environment. I particularly like seascapes - I was born by the sea and I did a lot of moving around when I was younger, I would love to live by the sea again one day, perhaps you could say I am painting my dreams…


Have you tried any other type of art?

I have tried painting people, but I wasn’t very good! I tried life drawing classes, but my experience made me realise I prefer subjects that are more ‘real’ – real bodies with real curves!  


Where do you paint?

I paint in a shed at the bottom of my garden, I suppose it could be described as a studio, but I think I prefer to call it a shed! It’s an ideal spot because it’s a quiet part of the garden and there’s plenty of light coming in. It’s a big space too, about 25 feet by 30 feet - there’s been all sorts of skiing and gym equipment in it over the years! But it’s great for painting and I can leave everything out – the only thing is, it gets freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer!

Jan Lott the Artist
Lion Painting By Jan Lott


Why do you paint?

I think it’s good for the soul! It’s a form of escapism, isn’t it? I go to my art room (or shed!), and enjoy having no access to phones, or the outside world – it’s time and space that I feel is very indulgent and enjoyable.


Who’s your art idol?

My main inspiration has been Bob Ross who was a television and art instructor famous in the eighties and nineties. He believed that anyone can paint and that really resonated with me. As soon as I discovered Bob and his show, The Joy of Painting, I was hooked! I went on all his ‘joy of painting classes’. I gained lots of confidence as an artist through this and became a Certified Bob Ross Instructor. I now teach Wet-on-wet Technique® workshops at my home. I suppose my work is quite a traditional style of art which is maybe why I also enjoy the work of Turner and Constable.


How do you promote your work?

I used to do exhibitions, including the ones at the Reading Rooms in Billericay but I found lots of visitors didn’t really want to buy any art. I find with Framd that people are already interested in buying when they come to the website, which makes things so much easier when selling your work – you already have someone who is interested!


Do you enjoy teaching art?

I love teaching art, yes and the way I teach varies. I’ve done a lot of 1 -1 sessions with my students and have had some regulars too. A lot of the time, it is people looking for inspiration and motivation.


Have you had any selling success on Framd?

Yes! Just recently, I sold my first painting a few weeks ago and I was blown away! It was a piece I did of the Taj Mahal and I sold it for £95. The customer got in touch and said they ‘loved my work’ – which was fantastic in itself!


Do you have any advice for budding artists?

I would say that it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be technically gifted to paint. And with the right amount of desire and motivation, anyone can do it - you don’t have to be experienced to be able to produce brilliant artwork!


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