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Art Data

By Framd | 22 April 2019

Part 1. The Science Of Art

Much of the established art world believes it holds the pen on what is tasteful, valuable or showable. However, new data from Framd shines a light on what the secret sauce of taste really is.

The Framd App in Focus

The Framd App


Framd has collected data from more than two million swipes of artwork which has been uploaded to the Framd app. This has created an ever-growing treasure trove of data highlighting patterns of artistic taste, buying habits and pricing.


This blog post is the first in a series that will help you understand what art buyers are looking for and ultimately help you understand how Framd can be a powerful tool in helping you sell your artwork without the need of a middleman. 


Something Out There for Everyone

Each piece of artwork on the Framd app is either swiped left or right, this simply indicates whether the viewer likes it or not but also provides every single artwork on the platform with a “like to view ratio”.


The fabulous thing about the Like to View ratio is that it clearly indicates that taste is extraordinarily diverse, with the highest Like to View ratio hitting a cap of 29% Vs. a low of only 10%. This simply means that nothing is universally liked or disliked.


This binary data set is also naturally predisposed to the power of machine learning, a vastly powerful tool that is helping us discover some intriguing patterns. Patterns that are now allowing us to accurately predict likes Vs. passes, a massive 84% of the time.


The exciting part of this is that there appears to be very little correlation between traditional categorisation of artwork and how people actually think. For example, the response to “What sort of art do you like?” is almost certainly not just “20th century abstraction”.


These insights will allow us to help artists from all walks of life find an appreciative audience for their particular style and in turn help them find the right buyer for their work no matter what the establishment may think of it, because we truly believe that there really is something out there for everyone.


In the meantime what is the most important factor when selling your art?

The answer to this is surprisingly simple, it’s good old-fashioned footfall or the number of people that see your work. And this should be the first thing that goes through your mind when marketing your art work and is what drives success for Framd's user base.


Unlike many other online art platforms and arguably small galleries, we guarantee that no art work uploaded is left to gather dust because we drive traffic to your art work on an ongoing basis, ensuring it’s seen by a large art loving audience. The evidence of this strategy is clearly stated in the data as the average number of views for people who have been contacted by buyers is 926 Vs. an average number of views of 575 for people who haven’t. As our artificial learning innovations begin to gain traction we expect this number will reduce as we align seller style with buyer taste.


The split of swipes (Likes Vs. Passes) on the Framd App after two million swipes and counting
Like to View Ratio
The average number of views for artists who have been contacted vs those who haven’t
How many views to a sale


What other things help sell my art work on Framd?
  • Number of uploads: This is important on Framd because it will increase the amount of views you get
  • Price: Lets be candid about this, Framd is not the place to be selling your work if you want over £15k for it! But at the lower end of the spectrum it is proving to be extremely effective. To our knowledge the most expensive item to sell on Framd was near £3,000 but the average sale price is £284, so please bear this in mind when pricing your work
  • Description quality: Providing an accurate description of your artwork clearly helps buyers, so make sure you are precise when describing your artwork, it really does improve the likely hood of a sale
  • Quality of the photo: This is key, please take care to upload an image that you think is really representative of your art work, and if you are ever worried that the quality isn't good enough please get in touch with us so we can help you with it


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  • We use the term "have been contacted" as a proxy for a sale, we do this because we are an open platform and allow our users to talk to each other in anyway they like, from direct emails, to whatsApp to good old fashioned mobiles phones
  • The data is all from Framd's databases 





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