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Artist Feature

By Framd | 20 November 2019

New pins for our prize winner!

In September, we ran a competition for our student members to appear in one of our feature articles and win a cash prize to put towards their art studies

And the winner was.... 

…Anna Binstead, a third-year art student studying at Solent University. Anna was thrilled with her £500 cash prize and knew immediately she wanted to invest in her badge designs. Since collecting her prize, she has already purchased 300 enamel pins in three of her different Halloween designs.

Life-Long Collector

An avid gatherer of crystals, pins and badges, Anna has amassed an impressive collection of both, the latter of which is evidenced by her favourite (and heavy!) denim jacket which is home to a total of 56 badges, 40 of which are currently on a board to alleviate some of the weight and make the jacket wearable! Anna says, “I love my jacket, all the badges are made by other designers which I have collected from various art fairs over the years, but now I’ve got my own badges, with my own designs, and that’s a great feeling!”

Anna has now agreed with Solent University enterprise shop, Re:So that she will be selling some of her badges in their shop. “I spoke to the manager yesterday and the badges will go on sale in the shop soon, I’m very excited!” she says.


Pins Glorious Pins
Spooky Pins!!
More Pins!




Spooky Inspiration

All the new badge designs are inspired by Inktober, an annual event where artists all over the world commit to creating one ink drawing each day throughout the month of October. The designs are also all ‘Halloween’ themed, some of which Anna created earlier in the year and a pumpkin print which she originally designed as part of a Halloween event at university.

Anna says: “I’m really pleased with the way the badges have come out, especially the glitter ones which I was a bit unsure of, but they look great! The prize money came at just the right time for me - I’ve got my head down studying at the moment, so it’s great to be able to see some rewards for my efforts. I’m looking forward to posting these on the Framd platform very soon!”


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