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By Framd | 01 April 2019

How to buy art for the office

Having art in the workplace is something that can benefit everyone. It enhances the attractiveness of the office building to begin with, and this will go on to boost people’s moods, make them happy to be working there, and even make them more productive in their work. At the very least, having a pleasant workplace will make them have fewer sick days, keeping your business running as smoothly as possible.
Choosing the right artwork is just as important as having it there in the first place. Here are some pointers on how to get started.

Office Art

Office Art
Collective Identity

When choosing art for the office, look for something that offers the viewer the idea of a collective identity. Anything that makes people feel part of a larger group is good; it will help them to work better in a team, and give them something to focus on. If the entire workforce is able to see the art and to understand the meaning behind it even better – everyone will see that being part of something is important.


Modern Office
Contemporary Office


Local Culture

You might also choose to highlight local culture in your office art. This will help to remind your employees that there is more to life than work. This may seem like a strange thing to want to do, especially when you are hoping to ensure everyone is more productive, but by showing them that there should be a work life balance – that they can enjoy the outside world, and should enjoy it more – they will be keener to complete their work and do more, in order to be able to have that mix of work and play. The art will, in fact, keep them more focused.



Art that causes people to think and then to discuss those thoughts can be an extremely useful addition to the workplace. Challenging art is not to everyone’s taste, but everyone will certainly have an opinion on it, and that can spark interesting conversations. Employees might even discuss the art with someone whom they have never spoken with before, or who would otherwise not exist in their sphere.


Studies have shown that art depicting nature scenes can benefit employees. The workplace can often be stressful, no matter what role people play within it, and that tension can be a problem, causing issues with health and productivity.


Having the calming presence of nature on the walls via the art you have chosen can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and generally keep people calmer, which will clearly benefit everyone.


It can sometimes be a good idea to get your employees involved in the choice of art around the office. This can give them a greater sense of control of their workspace (which in turn makes them proud of it and gives them more cause to be productive).


You might even take this idea one step further and commission a bespoke mural that really feeds into the culture of your workplace, or perhaps even allows for your employees to be involved in the art itself rather than simply the choice of it.





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