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Artist Feature

By Framd | 18 June 2019

From pupil to master of her own creative destiny

18-year-old- Eliana Mankel is an A Level art student, also studying German and Chemistry at St Peters Catholic School in Guilford. She’s currently in the throes of her studies but took a break out of her revision schedule to tell us where she’s at now with her art and where she wants it to take her…


Painting By Eliana Mankel

Musée du Vin, Bordeaux By Eliana Mankel
What drew you to studying art?

I’ve always been interested in art since being a child.


What is your favourite form of art?

Architecture is my favourite form of art and this is something I’ll be using when I go to on to study my Interior Architecture degree at London Westminster University - this and interior design are my favourite creative forms so it’s 100% the ideal course for me.


Would you say you have carved out your own style yet?

I would say my style is a ‘work in progress’. I’m still exploring, but I do like to use chalk and oils and I mainly like to draw the way a picture is, very realistic, I suppose. You can see this in my ‘Fearfully and Wonderfully Made’ piece where I wanted to emphasise the eyes and highlight features of the subjects in the painting. It came from a project I did on God’s Creations – this piece was one part of it, the beauty of different races and their physical characteristics - I took a picture and painted it from there.  


What kind of artists are you enjoying at the moment?

I’ve been looking at Scott Naismith and trying out his skill for using thick paint, it’s called the impasto technique and it’s where paint is placed thickly onto the canvas in layers. I’ve also been looking at the sfumato method – the skill of subtly blending colours and getting them to look real. It’s been challenging for me to work on these techniques but really rewarding when I get things how I want them! Blending and complementing colours is not always easy.

Sunset By Eliana Mankel
A painting by Eliana Mankel
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made By Eliana Mankel
A painting by Eliana Mankel


Are there any stand-out artists for you?

I really like Salaam Muhammad – his paintings have a hidden message in them which I find intriguing.


What and where is your painting comfort zone?

I’m not a messy painter so I’m comfy painting in my own space at home. When I’m painting I’ll listen to anything really, sometimes music with words and sometimes music without – it depends what I’m painting and how I’m feeling. Every now and then I’ll listen to podcasts if I’m in a headspace where I can absorb things.


What motivates you?

One of my main motivations has been my teachers who have forced me out of my ‘comfort zone’ which has been just what I’ve needed. It’s helped having people who have driven me to explore new genres, encouraged me to ‘go bigger’, or ‘use more oils’…I used to stick to acrylic but now I love oils!


How often do you paint?

Not as often as I would like! To be honest, I would paint a lot more, but it’s been hard with all the exam revision and exams. I plan to paint lots more this summer – with no deadlines!


What are your tips for other artists?

I would say a good tip is to change your paint brush from time to time. For me, this has helped find new ways of blending. I would also say give yourself some distance and space from your art work. I’ve ended up leaving some of my work for months and coming back to it with a totally new perspective.


Do you use digital art?

I have explored digital art during my course, but I prefer hands-on painting – I enjoy the whole process of being creative.


How difficult do you think it is for artists in general to be seen?

I think it is difficult to get out there, but things are becoming a bit easier with the online channels available. Unknown artists are also being seen thanks to art teachers who encourage us to research our projects and study different artists who can be found on the internet.


How did you find out about Framd?

My art teacher told me about it – he is also a member.


How long have you been a member of Framd and have you sold any of your work through it?

Since May last year and yes, I sold my sunset picture to someone from Bristol – my work is currently being marked so I can’t add any more on there at the moment.


What do you think of the platform?

I think it’s a cool way of seeing lots of different art work – a great opportunity for people to find artists they may normally miss.


Would you recommend Framd?

Yes, I would – it’s great because you can keep your artwork on there for as long as you like – and there’s no percentage taken off the sale.


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