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Artist Feature

By Framd | 26 June 2019

Arty echoes from an inner-city soul

Meet Jake. He’s an abstract artist from London. Dubbing since the age of 12, Jake’s exuberance for his influences is matched only by his vivacious art work. He gets down to brass tacks on being a rebel, urban skating and celestial inspirations.



Dubbed - officially! 
Wow. Your paintings are really eye-catching. How long have you been an artist?

I’ve been a practicing artist for 17 years.


What attracted you to urban art?

Well, I was always encouraged to explore my imagination as a child, taking dance, art and guitar lessons. At primary school, I found a kindred-spirit, his dad was a locksmith and he’d accumulated masses of old cob-webbed doors. When we were bored one day, we started painting them every colour under the sun! It ignited a passion in me for risk-taking and appreciating colour, that’s when I started painting on the streets near where I lived in London.


Did you get a thrill out of painting on the streets?

Yeh, I had a lust for the thrill of it all but that diminished when I started getting into trouble - this wasn’t my idea of a ‘thanks’ for good artwork! When I felt like I’d done what I needed to do there, I moved from concrete to canvas. My style has changed over the years, from writing-based dubs to more abstract stuff.  


What do you love about being an abstract artist?

I love the feeling it gives me, and the ability to share gives me a release of good energy. It’s invigorating to share even a snippet of my emotion and how I perceive things. My philosophy is: ‘to share is to give, to give is the greatest reward’.

Drippy Sunday
Drippy Sunday
Urban Influence
Urban Influence


You work as a gardener during the day, is there a link there with your art?

Yeh, definitely. I have been gardening since I was 17 – I’ve been really lucky to find what I love to do from a young age and it’s another passion of mine, to nurture nature. I find it grounding and therapeutic, as well as rewarding. When I’m sculpting land, it feels like just another canvas to me. Plus, the land is fertile, full of life which I find symbolic.


What else influences you?

I love anything underground and urban. Being a skater, I’ve got access to skate parks which has allowed my hobby to spray to be heavily influenced by urban roots.


You mentioned that you’re a Taurus. Is your star sign meaningful when it comes to your art work?

Definitely, yes. Being a Taurus, the smells, sounds and sensual sides of life really resonate with me. Nature and the cosmos have been and are still a major influence on my art - what is more beautiful and inspirational than life itself?


When and where do you paint?

I paint almost every day in my garden – spray paints need plenty of air and if it’s raining, I’ll go in my studio.


What gets you through when you’re struggling?

I try to keep balance in my life, focussing too much on one thing becomes toxic. We have three rooms to tend to: mind, body and soul. If we can do this and find a port of expression, then creative energy follows naturally. I don’t tend to struggle, if you have passion, then that drives you.


Do you have any tips for other artists?

Just be you. If you allow others’ opinions to sway your work, you are not being true to you. If art is forced, it shows.


What’s your favourite piece of work from your own collection and why?

One from my private collection. It’s called ‘Drippy Sunday’ – I love it because it ‘speaks’ to me the most, and it's made it's way on to a wall at my mum’s house!


How do you price your art work?

I price work based on size, time and my personal connection to the painting, what I feel it is worth, although money is not my primary concern.


Have you tried other online platforms to sell your work?

If I’m honest, Framd is the only platform I’ve used, and so far, so good! I like the concept of the platform and it allows me to showcase my art at affordable prices. It’s also great for feedback on work I’ve done - I stumbled upon it so I guess it was just meant to be!


What do you think of the pricing structure?

I think it’s fair. I think the new subscription of £34.99 a year is a reasonable price to be asking as other sites take commission. Framd is good to the wallet and provides a good service.


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