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Artist Feature

By Framd | 11 August 2019

A new lens on life

With an imminent move abroad, a wedding to plan and a career change in the pipeline, photographer, Adam Strong is on the precipice of some seriously life changing events. He tells us about his day job, writing film scores and how his future will shape his art.


The Blue - Sanya Dock

The Blue - Sanya Dock by Adam Strong
How did you get into photography?

I’ve been in to photography for two or three years now. I bought a standard digital SLR - no view finder – just a screen on the back, but I got some really good feedback from the images I took and that encouraged me to get a new camera with a higher spec, which helped me get better and better. I guess that’s where my love of photography was born.


And what do you enjoy about it?

The beauty of photography is that it lets you capture an image that you see inside your own mind, that you can then show to other people. That could be a simple unedited photo or an image that has been developed into something more artistic. Particularly with landscapes and cityscapes, it gets you exploring more unique places to get that ‘wow’ factor.


Do you work full time with your photography?

By day, I am a free-hand engraver of memorials and have been for the last 16 years. I wish I could work with my photography every day, but working nine to five keeps me away from the camera. That will all change soon as I am moving abroad later this year….


Where are you moving to?

I’m moving to Hong Kong, with my fiancé, who by then will be my wife, we’re getting married at the end of the month. I won’t be working straight away but I will be looking for new challenges while I am there, hopefully something that will help me pursue a new direction with my camera in hand.

Hong Kong Downtown by Adam Strong
Hong Kong Downtown by Adam Strong
Hong kong Central by Adam Strong
Hong kong Central by Adam Strong

Sounds exciting, what will your new endeavours be?

Nothing is concrete at the moment, but I am thinking of working in the photography business, possibly specialising in wedding or property photography. I’m also looking at buying a camera drone and putting music to the videos and images to create something epic.


Do you have much experience in music?

Yes, I enjoy writing film scores. I’ve done it for years now. I don’t play an instrument as such, just a little on the keyboard, so I compose the scores by ear. I first got into when I bought a car magazine that came with a free CD with music-making software on it. I tried it out and really liked it! So, I guess working with music and the camera with the drone idea is the ideal combination for me!


Do you draw on any inspirations?

My inspiration has not been taken from anyone famous, but more from online resources and platforms where I have seen an amazing level of work and creativity – those things inspire and push me to capture better images.


Do you have any tips for working through the creative process?

If I ever get stuck in the creative process, I have found the best solution is to take a break... yep, stop and do something else. Whether that’s looking at others’ work to view ideas and concepts, or switching to another hobby for a month, I feel that this gives the mind a break and allows you to be more free and creative when you come back to your images.

Also, I would say the main thing is to actually ‘just take pictures’ if you enjoy using the camera often, the more comfortable you will feel when taking more complicated shots without having to really think about the camera settings, as it will feel more natural.


What are your own favourite images?

My favourite two pictures from my own collection are the two of Hong Kong. These both give an impression of 3D/depth to all the buildings and make the image really stand out. I broke the rules when shooting these and used an F setting of 22. My third favourite is the New York City night shot in portrait, the level of detail and the lighting makes this a great piece.


How do you find selling your work?

I have found pricing tricky, but I try to be realistic about the cost by adding factors such as how much time and effort has been put into the entire production of the image, from travel, finding a location, editing and final printing and shipping costs.


How do you use the Framd platform?

I am looking to use Framd as one avenue amongst other platforms for selling my works, I currently have my own website too. I think Framd is a good concept, I like viewing and seeing others’ work, although admittedly I haven’t brought any yet but I have seen some outstanding artists.


The Great Wall of China by Adam Strong




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