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Artist Feature

By Framd | 27 May 2019

A ‘loud’ painter from London lifts the lid on his artwork

Angelo Pizzagallo lives in Kent and has been a member of Framd for two years. In our latest blog, the self-titled ‘loud’ painter talks film noir, learning to embrace mistakes and how to stay motivated as an artist.


Painting by Angelo Pizzagallo

Painting by Angelo Pizzagallo
Where did you study art?

I studied at Wimbledon School of Art and graduated in 1986.


How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I would say I am a ‘loud’ painter! I love the wild abandonment of colour and I especially love the challenge of a portrait.


Where do you paint?

Mostly in my studio room at home.  


What is your specialism?

I specialise in line and wash paintings, and I have always focused on this traditional style.

Art work by Angelo Pizzagallo
Artwork by the Kent based artist Angelo Pizzagallo


Why do you paint?

I paint because I enjoy the physical act of making art, the sense of achievement I get having battled with light, shade and patterns to produce something I am pleased with is difficult to beat.


Do you have any advice for artists struggling to keep motivated?

All artists have a struggle with inspiration from time to time and it’s something we should accept and expect. I think it’s important to remember that not everything you produce is going to be great. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because they are inevitable.


What helps you?

I am a member of the Urban Sketches Group and the Life Drawing Club in Kent and I find that going to these classes gives me great discipline and technical skills, returning to the classes helps to keep me informed and driven to keep improving.


What are your inspirations?

Film and music are my main sources of inspiration – in particular, film noir - a style of film noted by its dark and menacing tones. I enjoy looking back at old films and noticing the nuances that indicate the passage of time. I find that colours take you back to periods of time, and often the optimism of days gone by, my city scenes and figures reflect this concept the most.


You’ve been a member of Framd since April 2017, what have you taken from your experience of the platform so far?

Framd has allowed me to reach a wider audience. Although I do sell my work locally in Kent, through Framd, I have sold to buyers in Manchester and London. Art is an exclusive world and you often have to overprice your work to factor in commission, Framd’s zero commission pricing removes all that.

Angelo Pizzagallo the Kent Based Artist
Angelo Pizzagallo The Kent Based artist








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