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Our Mission

To Make the art industry fairer,
more transparent and more
sustainable for Artists

Hello! We’re Framd and our platform is changing the art of selling art.


Well, firstly we don’t charge sales commission, simply because this pushes up the price of artists’ work, making it less affordable for buyers. By not charging commission, we promote the ‘right’ work instead of the most ‘expensive’ work, helping everyone sell their art more fairly.

All artwork can be uploaded for FREE, and if you’re an artist wanting to increase your chances of making even more sales, you can boost your offerings with our self-promote and subscription options.

I’m a buyer. What’s in it for me?

Oodles of choice.

Because we’re a zero-commission based platform, we get lots of artists wanting to join. It’s not just those who class themselves as conventional artists or painters, but other creatives like photographers, mandala makers, sculptors too.

The data bit

Every interaction, whether it’s a like or a sale, creates a more accurate picture of what buyers like. After building up millions of swipes already, we know there’s a buyer for every piece of art - no matter what the establishment may think of it.

Through our data, we’ve discovered taste is hugely diverse, literally nothing is universally liked or disliked by everyone. Yet traditional art selling platforms and galleries only sell work that has been selected by a single entity, for example, a curator - this means both buyers and artists are missing out!

On Framd, one artist’s work has the same chances of being seen as the next artist’s work - and if you’re buying, you get to see everything! Find out more about our data science.

Not all art-selling platforms have been created equally, but some really are more equal than others.

Framd co-founders, George Panton and Jitendra Bansal have worked hard to deliver a platform that combines all the things both artists and art buyers want. In a nutshell: fairness, transparency and brilliant art work. Both tech enthusiasts with respective backgrounds in software development and finance, their main mission is to tear up the script for the art market and deliver a fairer way for art to be sold. They believe technology can change everything – so why not art?


George Panton

Co Founder

George Panton Co-Founder of Framd

George Panton Co Founder

George Panton is one half of the brains behind Framd. George’s passion for art has been with him since he was a nipper. His background as a serial startup entrepreneur, combined with his business and finance background, helped him recognise that every artist needs access to a fairer platform to sell their work. In 2016, he met talented developer, Jitendra Bansal and with their combined skills they created Framd.

Jitendra Bansal

Co Founder

Jitendra Bansal Co-Founder of Framd

Jitendra Bansal Co Founder

Originally from Madhya-Pradesh, in India, Framd co-founder, Jitendra Bansal has carved a successful career that stems from his love of, and talent in computer engineering. After achieving impressive academic success, he started his first job as a software engineer in a product-based startup company, later moving to work on a healthcare startup when he met George and when the Framd story began.